Call for papers: RURAL CRIME

The IJRLP invites papers (5000-8000 words) from diverse disciplines and addressing rural crime from various perspectives (legal, socio-legal, criminology, comparative, ethical, socio-economic etc.). To illustrate, the following four aspects may be of particular relevance to the theme:   1. Rural crime focus: • Crime that is specific to rural environments and remote locations, including water theft, stock theft, illegal timber harvesting, poaching and wildlife trade. • Crime that occurs everywhere but with the research considering rural-specific patterns or manifestations.
 2. Policy and law enforcement: for example, the difficulty of ‘access’ (literally and metaphorically) by law enforcement in terms of social interaction with locals, physical presence in remote places, and transaction costs associated with spatial characteristics, such as recourse to social self-regulation, rural evidence gathering and enforcement practices, or the effects of regulatory agents connections in communities.

 3. Wider sociological and anthropological approaches in the context of rural change. The validity of stereotypical expectations of ‘better environment’, ‘safer place for children’ or ’lower criminality’; changes to demographic and cultural patterns, perhaps creating a convergence in rural-urban patterns of crime; the role of rural/urban migration and greater mobility; the impacts of socio-economic patterns and opportunities on youth crime.

 4. Geographic patterns: To what extent is rural crime different in different places (for example Egypt, China or Australia), and how should this affect policy responses?
 Manuscripts should be submitted via the journal website, by 15 January 2019. All submissions are first screened by the Editorial Board. Papers that pass this first stage are sent for blind peer review. The entire assessment process takes around 8 weeks.