Convergence: The Making of the Canning Stock Route Project and Yiwarra Kuju Exhibition

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Carly Davenport Acker


This article discusses the processes, practices and successes of the Canning Stock Route project and Yirwarra Kuju exhibition, carried out between 2006 and 2012.

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Same but Different (Peer Reviewed)
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Carly Davenport Acker

Carly Davenport Acker has a Bachelor of Arts, Art History and Curatorship from the Australian National University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Anthropology from the University of Melbourne and a Postgraduate Certificate in Social Impact from University of Western Australia). Based in Perth, Carly specialises in collaborating with Aboriginal creatives, communities and enterprises and has eighteen years experience in the not-for-profit, public and private sectors in arts, education and cultural development across Australia. Her consultancy InterMedia focuses on community development, social justice, arts and design, participatory media, and music. Carly is also an associate of Tracker Development, which supports excellence in artistic practice, entrepreneurship, professional development, research, training and evaluation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enterprises nationally.