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Anne Brewster


the house with the light burns all night. it seems to be empty: she never hears or sees anyone coming in or out of the door. she never sees anyone through the window—not even a flicker of movement. but every night the light is on and it stays on. the curtain is drawn so she has no idea of the occupants. but one day she notices that the blinds are up and the window open. she is looking onto a large bed with bright red cushions. that is the first and last she sees of the room. she hears months later that the husband had died.

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New Writing (Peer Reviewed)
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Anne Brewster, University of New South Wales

Anne Brewster is a senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales. Her recent books include Those Who Remain Will Always Remember (co-edited with Angeline O’Neill and Rosemary van den Berg), Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Perth, 2000 and Literary Formations: Nationalism, Globalism and Postcolonialism, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1995.