On the Popular and the Critical: Hop on Pop and the 'New Generation' of Cultural Studies

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Guy Redden


This review essay is an attempt to take up the call for 'future debates within and about cultural studies'. It is shaped by a particular set of interests to do with my position as an early career researcher for whom the questions of what cultural studies is and might become have certain implications. For me, reading Hop on Pop calls forth a different subject position than does reading many other field-defining anthologies. The difference is the volume’s appeal to the present and its claim upon the future. It asks me to make something of the sense of discipline I have thus far developed as a student, and put it on the line to intervene in the issue of what kinds of cultural studies members of my generation might seek to develop.

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Review Essay (Peer Reviewed)
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Guy Redden, Lincoln University

GUY REDDEN teaches media and cultural studies at Lincoln University and recently completed a PhD at the University of Queensland. His research interests include new media, self-help, and conceptions of wellbeing in consumer culture.