Hypercreature Rhizome: A Performative Work

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Raya Massie


This writing is an experiment, created primarily out of a synergy of rhizome, flesh, concept and hypercreature, although there are also infinite others resonating through the work. This writing is not, however, a ‘rhizomic’ or ‘fleshy’ work: it is neither faithful, nor does it seek to represent; it is not a rhizomic performance, but rather the writing is performative of hypercreature, rhizome and flesh. It is not a duplicity, but a multiplicity: this writing is an evolution or perhaps a ‘creative involution’ of these concepts.

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Raya Massie, University of Technology Sydney

RAYA MASSIE is a doctoral candidate in writing and cultural studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, where she also teaches fictocritical writing. Her ‘creative PhD’ researches cultural corporeality and ‘baroque post-humanism’, with a particular interest in monstrous performativity. <raya.massie@uts.edu.au>