Burst Into Action: The Changing Spectacle of Glamour Heroines in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema

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Stephen C. K. Chan


My question for now is: in what ways have the new currents of transnationality affected existing forms of cultural sensibility in the ‘post-colony’? Realised as a system of representation of the global popular, recent articulations of popular experience tend to be absorbed into generic cross-cultural media representations shared on the glocal level of operation by cultural producers, consumers and practitioners across geographical borders. In this paper, I shall focus on the changing spectacle of ‘the local’ through its cinematic action (along with its alternative heroine mediation), in light of such a transnational articulation as the emerging dominant. My purpose is to examine how local action has been re-imagined and can be re-aligned in relation to the specifically historical, national and postcolonial mode of imagination under the contemporary glocal context of the Hong Kong ‘Special Administrative Region’ (HKSAR), as this particular post-colony is officially renamed.

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Stephen C. K. Chan, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

STEPHEN C.K. CHAN is Professor in Cultural Studies and Programme Director of the Master of Cultural Studies (MCS) Programme at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He was the series editor of Hong Kong Cultural Studies released by Oxford University Press (China) in 1997, and has published works on the literary, filmic and popular imagination in late- and post-colonial Hong Kong culture.