Anti-Ageing Cultures, Biopolitics and Globalisation

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Brett Neilson


In March 2004, the author attended the Inaugural International Conference on Longevity at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. As a cultural researcher interested in the interactions between demographic shifts, capitalist globalisation and changing forms of political power, the prospect of a direct encounter with the debates and practices surrounding the burgeoning field of anti-ageing medicine promised a means to observe the complex cultural dynamics of population ageing at play. This article explores the discord the atuhor witnessed; a quarrel that, despite the march of technological advance, attests the ongoing conflict in the nexus where politics meets life.

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Cultural Research (Peer Reviewed)
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Brett Neilson, University of Western Sydney

BRETT NEILSON is Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities at the University of Western Sydney, where he is also a member of the Centre for Cultural Research. He is the author of Free Trade in the Bermuda Triangle … and Other Tales of Counterglobalization, University of Minnesota Press, 2004.