The Far-Away Within Us: Philosophies of Love and Death

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Joan Kirkby


A review of Jacques Derrida, Learning to Live Finally:  The Last Interview:  An Interview with Jean Birnbaum (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2007) and Linnell Secomb, Philosophy and Love:  From Plato to Popular Culture ( Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2007).

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Joan Kirkby, Macquarie University

Joan Kirkby is a Senior Research Fellow in the interdisciplinary gender studies program in Sociology at Macquarie University.  Recent publications include  ‘"Remembrance of the Future”: Derrida on Mourning’, Social Semiotics, Vol. 16, No. 3, 2006, ‘Reading Neocon Rhetoric: Walt Whitman and the War on Terror’ in Interrogating the War on Terror edited by Deborah Staines, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007,  and ‘Mesmer, Swedenborg and the Spiritualist Sciences’ in Frankenstein’s Science edited by Jane Goodall and Christa Knellwolf, Ashgate, 2008.  She is currently completing a book on Emily Dickinson and the Nineteenth Century Darwin Wars.