Going Places: Praxis and Pedagogy in Australian Cultural Studies

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Rebecca Rey
Golnar Nabizadeh


This article considers the pedagogical value of praxis in maintaining the relevance of cultural studies in the Australian academic environment. Following its highly politicised beginnings at the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, we consider whether traditional classroom practices are commensurate with the contemporary expectations of students and staff. As a working model of the current Australian university climate, we consider the discipline group of English and Cultural Studies (ECS) at the University of Western Australia. After evaluating data gathered from interviews and surveys across the undergraduate, postgraduate and staff population, we suggest potential pedagogical innovations to be implemented in cultural studies at UWA, as a case study within Australia. Our findings show that students are calling for practical activities that would benefit their studies as a complement to theory in the classroom. As a result, we argue that praxis is not only important, but vital, in the teaching of cultural studies as an enabling activity that encourages the use of new teaching methods.

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Disciplining Innovations (Peer Reviewed)
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Rebecca Rey, University of Western Australia

 Rebecca Rey is a doctoral candidate in English and Cultural Studies at The University of Western Australia and Editorial Assistant of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Golnar Nabizadeh, University of Western Australia

Golnar Nabizadeh is a doctoral candidate in English and Cultural Studies at The University of Western Australia. She has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) and Bachelor of Commerce at Murdoch University.