Project Management Performance Assessment in the Non-Profit Sector

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John Lannon


As the non-profit sector becomes increasingly dependent on projects to achieve its strategic goals, the use of formal project management processes can help to demonstrate to stakeholders that an organisation is taking steps to improve its performance. However the adoption of processes drawn from the for-profit sector does not always yield the desired results. In particular existing performance management systems and quality management systems are unsuitable for the implementation, measurement, and improvement of project management practices in the sector. A new model is therefore proposed for non-profit project management performance assessment. This is based on a conceptual analysis of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) business excellence model, a project management performance assessment model used primarily in for-profit environments, and an assessment of criteria particular to non-profit organisations. The model is multi-dimensional, flexible, and accounts for multiple stakeholder views. After using it, non-profit organisations can reflect on their performance, create an improvement plan, and use the model again to test their progress.

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Research Article (Double blind review)
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John Lannon, Centre for Project Management, University of Limerick

Dr. John Lannon works at the Centre for Project Management at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. His research covers project management in non-profit organisations; knowledge management practices in non-profit organisations and networks; and information, communication and technologies usage in development and human rights work. He has worked in both the business and non-profit sector in roles ranging from software systems design and development to project management.