Special Section on Networks in Learning Analytics- Call for Papers


Network science is the study of networks models for data characterised by dependence between and within variables (Brandes et al. 2013). From a rich history of social science research, network science has evolved in its use of mathematical, computational, and physical principles for the study of systems, particularly in the domain of complex networks. Network analysis and modelling in LA has been limited.  To advance network perspectives in LA, this special section will bring together a set of papers that break new ground, bridge research communities, and collectively shape strategies of future work in this important sub-field of LA.

Special Section on Learning Analytics for Primary and Secondary Schools-Call for Papers


The goal of this special issue is to build upon the current momentum around learning analytics use within schools and provide a place for researchers to report their current efforts in this domain. We invite research studies, practitioner reports, and data and tool reports that focus on the use of learning analytics for supporting primary and secondary school learning. The aim is to showcase the latest developments in learning analytics use within schools, and empirical evidence on the effectiveness of its use for supporting learning and teaching in the school context.

Special Section on Collaboration Analytics- Call for Papers


We invite contributions to a special issue of the Journal of Learning Analytics (JLA) on Collaboration Analytics. The goal of this special issue is to build upon promising multimodal sensing technologies, collaborative tools and emerging data analytics techniques to provide researchers with a new lens for understanding human collaboration in a variety of settings.

Learning Design and Learning Analytics - Call for Papers


How might learning analytics actually inform learning design decisions? How should learning design influence learning analytics integration and use? Are there frameworks or principles that best illuminate connections between learning analytics and learning design?

Special section on multimodal learning analytics - Call for Papers


The special section on multimodal learning analytics is focused on research that discusses the salience of using data from a combination of modalities (or data streams) to enhance the field’s ability to support, understand and improve student learning. Papers can come from a variety of learning contexts, and are free to utilize any number of data sources. Additionally, papers in this special issue should feature both an in-depth presentation of any analytic approaches utilized, as well as theoretical justification for the analytic techniques and the reported findings. Finally, authors are encourage to explore new metrics and analytic techniques, and should consider reporting their findings even if they do not garner the expected results.

Special Section on learning analytics and learning theory - Call for Papers


This special section focuses on the intersection of learning theory and analytics. Specifically it will present a collection of papers demonstrating the ways in which learning theories are being used to craft analytics, how analytics have helped us advance learning theories, and the initial development of theories of learning with analytics.