Adoption of Solar Grid-Tied PV-System Adopted in a Residential Building

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Sun Wei
Egbelakin Temitope


Emerging construction technologies focussing on the role and development of energy-conserving equipment can play a major role in solving a wide range of environmental and nature resource problems such as the greenhouse gas. Alternative energy is becoming a popular for property developers because of its potential of becoming more economically viable option when compared to current energy source-electricity. The objective of this research report is to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of adopting a solar energy technology specifically the solar grid-tied system by comparing the cost of initial investment and usage in a typical three bedroom residential building a conventional electricity power supply. Using a case study research approach, the research findings showed that the PV system is more cost-effective in the long term compared to the conversional electricity supply. Although the pre-investment is relatively high in the PV system, it is a reliable investment in the long-term. It is important to emphasise that the use energy efficient appliances, lighting, insulation and double glassing has enhanced the effectiveness of the system.


Keywords: Photovoltaic system (PV); Solar energy; Cost-effectiveness

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