A Competency Knowledge-Base for BIM Learning

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Bilal Succar
Willy Sher


Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and workflows continue to proliferate within the Design, Construction and Operation (DCO) industry. To equip current and future industry professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in collaborative workflows and integrated project deliverables, it is important to identify the competencies that need to be taught at educational institutions or trained on the job. Expanding upon a collaborative BIM education framework pertaining to a national BIM initiative in Australia, this paper introduces a conceptual workflow to identify, classify, and aggregate BIM competency items. Acting as a knowledge-base for BIM learners and learning providers, the aggregated competency items can be used to develop BIM learning modules to satisfy the learning requirements of varied audiences - be they students, practitioners, tradespeople or managers. This competency knowledge-base will facilitate a common understanding of BIM deliverables and their requirements, and support the national efforts to promote BIM learning.

Keywords:BIM competency, BIM education, BIM learning modules, competency knowledge-base, learning triangle.

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