Vol 1, No 1 (2007)

Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice is a peer reviewed, multi media, online, law journal which draws on cross disciplinary research and scholarship to address social justice issues of immediate and wide ranging concern.

Public Space also includes an Open Space for non-refereed contributions, including reviews, links to other journals or conferences, and discussion.

Public Space is published twice a year in open access form by the Faculty of Law of the University of Technology, Sydney and UTSepress.

Table of Contents


Of Public Space: Sex and Mercy (2007) Vol 1 Art 1 PDF
Rocque Reynolds 1-5
Brothels and Disorderly Acts (2007) Vol 1 Art 2 PDF
Penny Crofts 1-39
A Convenient Exchange (2007) Vol 1 Art 3 PDF audio 1 audio 2
Welby Ings 1-44
Conceal or Reveal? The Role of Law in Black Collar Crime (2007) Vol 1 Art 4 PDF
Lesley Townsley 1-35
The Power of Apology: Mercy, Forgiveness or Corrective Justice in the Civil Liability Arena (2007) Vol 1 Art 5 PDF
Prue Vines 1-51
The Prerogative of Mercy in NSW (2007) Vol 1 Art 6 PDF
Joseph Azize 1-36
The Compassionate Judge (2007) Vol 1 Art 7 PDF
Costa Avgoustinos 1-41

Open Space

Costa Avgoustinos
UTS Conference on Cosmopolitan Civil Societies PDF
Ossian Leo Elkington