Vol 20, No 1 (2014)

Coding Labour

Coding Labour

co-edited by Anthony McCosker and Esther Milne 


Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Chris Healy, Katrina Schlunke 1–3

Coding Labour

Coding Labour PDF
Anthony McCosker, Esther Milne 4–29
Cultural Techniques of Cognitive Capitalism: Metaprogramming and the Labour of Code PDF
Jussi Parikka 30–52
Logistical Worlds PDF
Ned Rossiter 53–76
The Lawless Frontier of Deep Space: Code as Law in EVE Online PDF
Melissa de Zwart, Sal Humphreys 77–99
Peter Carey's Laptop PDF
Rowan Wilken 100–20
Data Motility: The Materiality of Big Social Data PDF
Mark Coté 121–49
Transmateriality: Toward an Energetics of Signal in Contemporary Mediatic Assemblages PDF
Anna Munster 150–67


Introducing Ross Chambers PDF
Meaghan Morris 168–76
Toil and Trouble: On the Materiality of Time PDF
Ross Chambers 177–93
From Information to Experience: Christoph Schlingensief's Quiz 3000 PDF
Tara Forrest 194–212
Putting a Face to a Name: Visualising Human Rights PDF
Vera Mackie 213–36
Assembling a Revolution: Graffiti, Cairo and the Arab Spring PDF
John Lennon 237–75
Imagining ‘Atlanta’: The Cultural Politics and Poetics of Experimental Medicine in East Africa PDF
Denielle Elliott 276–301


Stuart Hall PDF
Simon During 302–6


Sexual Origami PDF
Kathryn Bond Stockton 307–13
Queer(y)ing Illiberal Pragmatism in Singapore PDF
Baden Offord 314–19
Saint Joan PDF
Brett Farmer 320–6
Cute Studies PDF
Pansy Duncan 327–34
Serious and Seriouser PDF
Misha Kavka 335–42
Reflections of Being ‘In’ Institutions PDF
Tracey McIntosh 343–7
Crossing Cultural Boundaries PDF
Howard McNaughton 348–52
Innovation Inc. PDF
Nick Herd 353–60
Decentred PDF
Ian Wedde 360–7