Vol 16, No 1 (2010)

Rural Cultural Studies: Research, Practice, Ethics

The first section of this issue of Cultural Studies Review has been co-edited with Clifton Evers, Andrew Gorman-Murray and Emily Potter and is based around the theme of Rural Cultural Studies. These articles focus on different aspects of rural cultural research: the diverse scope of ‘rural’ communities in Australia; the discursive and material relationship between the rural and the urban; the under-acknowledged range of everyday cultural practices in rural Australia; and the themes of ethical engagement, power and the mediation of meanings and interests in the practice of research.


The issue also contains poetry, three 'unthemed' essays and book reviews.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
John Frow, Katrina Schlunke 1–2

Rural Cultural Studies

Introduction: Doing Rural Cultural Studies PDF
Clifton Evers, Andrew Gorman-Murray, Emily Potter 3–9
Who Do I Serve? PDF
Lisa Slater 10–13
The Ethics of Rural Place-Making: Public Space, Poetics, and the Ontologies of Design PDF
Emily Potter 14–26
The Clearing: Heidegger’s Lichtung and The Big Scrub PDF
Rob Garbutt 27–42
Sound Ecologies PDF
Michelle Duffy 43–59
An Australian Feeling for Snow: Towards Understanding Cultural and Emotional Dimensions of Climate Change PDF
Andrew Gorman-Murray 60–81
Drought, Endurance and Climate Change 'Pioneers': Lived Experience in the Production of Rural Environmental Knowledge PDF
Deb Anderson 82–101
Poems: 'Weights' and 'Measures' PDF
Michelle Dicinoski 102–103
Auto-choreography: Animating Sentient Archives PDF
Kim Satchell 104–118
Damming the Flow: Cultural Barriers to Perceived ‘Procedural Justice’ in Wonthaggi, Victoria PDF
Tanya J. King 119–130
Reflecting on Power Relationships in the 'Doing' of Rural Cultural Research PDF
Rae Dufty 131–142
‘Calling our Spirits Home’: Indigenous Cultural Festivals and the Making of a Good Life PDF
Lisa Slater 143–154
Available in Selected Metros Only: Rural Melancholy and the Promise of Online Connectivity PDF
Melissa Gregg 155–169
Intimacy PDF
Ross Gibson 170–176


Four Poems: Bad Blurbs, 2009, 'Australia' and World Atlas: A Random Fragmentary Selection PDF
Ouyang Yu 177–181
Windows Wound Down PDF
Pam Brown 182–188


Presence of the Gift PDF
Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe 189–211
Gendering Aboriginalism: A Performative Gaze on Indigenous Australian Women PDF
Katelyn Barney 212–239
Heroes, Mates and Family: How Tragedy Teaches Us About Being Australian PDF
Sarah Gillman 240–50


Contemporary Culture and the Undoing of Feminism: Review of Angela McRobbie's The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change PDF
Margaret Henderson 251–256
From Ablation to Undergirding: Review of Stuart Cunningham's In the Vernacular: A Generation of Culture and Controversy PDF
Adrian Martin 257–262
Ghost Stories: Review of Ross Gibson's The Summer Exercises PDF
Deane Williams 263–266
War and Its Other: Review of Nick Mansfield's Theorizing War: From Hobbes to Badiou PDF
Dimitris Vardoulakis 267–272
Up Close and Personal, But Not Close Enough: Review of Samantha Holland (ed.), Remote Relationships in a Small World PDF
Sarah Cefai 273–278