Migration, Memory and Hong Kong as a 'Space of Transit' in Clara Law's Autumn Moon

Tony Mitchell


Macau-born and Melbourne-based film maker Clara Law and her screenwriter-producer-director husband Eddie Fong have produced a transnational output of films which are beginning to receive critical recognition as major contributions to contemporary cinema. These ‘films of migration’ explore what Gina Marchetti has encapsulated as ‘the Chinese experience of dislocation, relocation, emigration, immigration, cultural hybridity, migrancy, exile, and nomadism—together termed the “Chinese diaspora”’. The self-imposed ‘relocation’ of Law and Fong to Australia in 1994 was the result of increasing frustration with the rampantly commercial imperatives of Hong Kong cinema and its lack of appreciation for the auteur cinema they wanted to pursue.


Hong Kong; contemporary cinema; Autumn Moon; Clara Law; film; cultural hybridity; nomadism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5130/csr.v9i1.3589