'Old Lady Mob': Interview

Christine Nicholls


Christine Nicholls spoke with Kathleen Petyarre in September 2004, when she met Kathleen with her sisters Myrtle and Violet, to talk about new work that was exhibited as part of the ‘Body Painting Series’, at the Coo-ee Gallery, Sydney, opening on 11 November 2004, in an exhibition entitled ‘Arnkerrth: Kathleen Petyarre, Abie Loy’. Christine spoke again with Kathleen in December 2004 (with Penny Hoile of Gallerie Australis, which represents Kathleen) specifically for this special collection of articles. Kathleen was asked about aspects of her work discussed at the symposium ‘Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming’ held at the Uni- versity of Tasmania in March 2003, to which she had been invited but which she had been unable to attend.


Kathleen Petyarre; Indigenous art; Australian art; 'Body Painting Series'; Arnkerrth; Abie Loy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5130/csr.v12i1.3409