(Post) Secular Discomforts: Religio-Secular Disclosures in the Indian Context

Goldie Osuri


The post-secular turn at the intersection of the fields of political philosophy, anthropology, religious, postcolonial and cultural studies has highlighted theological political formations which have informed differential histories of the secular. This essay examines how debates around the secular and the post-secular play out in the Indian context. Some questions that the essay addresses are: What does a reconsideration of the secular, a probing of its discomforts, offer in the Indian context? And what are the limits of a post-secular turn—in the sense of a reconsideration of spiritual belief or theological conventions as a resource for co-existence—if we think through the forms of power generated by this turn?


religion; nationalism; Indian secularism; the (post) secular; communalism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5130/csr.v18i2.2755