Auto-choreography: Animating Sentient Archives

Kim Satchell


The stories lives tell, the narratives they follow and the spaces they embody are critical to articulating the conditions of everyday life. This resonates in the fraught relations within and between surf cultures, affluent societies and economic development. In the context of Rural Cultural Studies the analysis of coastal place allows for a combination of self-reflexive, critical and transformative modes of inquiry. This pedagogy of the coast offers innovative approaches to contemporary anthropogenic and existential challenges. For the Ecological Humanities, adjusting to living synergistically requires dialogue, ethical frameworks and care. This includes attention to the more-than human world and the non-human inhabitants with whose lives people become entangled in the mutuality of wandering paths and shared haunts. The imaginary-material architectures and geographies of these samples of coastal life, are topographies woven of spatiality and contemporary coastal writing. These contemplations attempt to sketch performative interactions from the auto-choreography animating sentient archives.


Walking, Surfing, Coastal; Change; Bioregionality; Ecological-Humanities

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