Issues 8 and 9 May/November 2011: Commonwealth Local Government Conference, Cardiff 2011

Table of Contents

Editorial: Sustainable Democracy, Development and Environmental Policies PDF
Steve Martin, Alison Brown

Research and Evaluation

Place-based Leadership in a Global Era PDF PDF ()
Robin Hambleton
Local Governments in Rural West Bengal, India and their Coordination with Line Departments PDF
Bhaskar Chakrabarti, Raghabendra Chattopadhyay, Suman Nath
Cabinet Governance and Political Stability in English Urban Councils PDF
Stephen Greasley
Local Government Improvement in England: Policies, Progress and Prospects PDF
Steve Martin
Municipal Local Economic Development and the Multiplier effect: Piloting a Community Enterprise Identification Method in South Africa and Namibia PDF
Lucienne Heideman
Public Sector Responses to Climate Change: Evaluating the Role of Scottish Local Government in Implementing the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 PDF
Tony Jackson, William Lynch


Professionalising Local Government Leadership: A Foundational Imperative PDF
Olubunmi Ajayi
Reconceptualising Shared Services PDF
Peter McKinlay
The Local Capacity, Local Community and Local Governance Dimensions of Sustainability in Australian Local Government PDF
Brian Dollery, Lin Crase, Bligh James Grant

News and Reviews

Book Review: Municipal Infrastructure Financing: Innovative Practices from Developing Countries (Edited by Munawwar Alam) PDF
Kevin Tayler

Conference Notes

The 2011 Commonwealth Local Government Conference: Energising Local Economies: An Overview PDF


Complete Issue (2.5MB) PDF