Management Challenges within Multiple Project Environments: Lessons for Developing Countries

Noor Ismah Hashim, Nicholas Chileshe, Bassam Baroudi


In the construction industry, multiple project environments (MPE) exist where more than one project is managed simultaneously. The driving force behind MPEs is the pragmatic allocation of resources encumbered by uncertain economic times. However, MPEs create management challenges that need to be addressed. For that reason, this paper aims to investigate the challenges in respect to managing MPEs within the construction industry. It essentially reviews state-of-art knowledge in respect to MPEs identifying the rationale behind their development. At this stage it would appear that the interdependency and uncertainty within inputs, processes and outputs are major contributing factors to the MPE problem. It is of note that the majority of these findings were based within the context of developed countries. Hence, this review sets out to inform practitioners from developing countries in respect to lessons learned within more developed countries. This review is expected to lead to further investigations on MPEs and their inherent challenges.

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