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Vol 3 (2016) A meta-study of the effect of thermodynamic parameters on the efficiency of geothermal power plants worldwide Abstract   PDF   HTML
Oscar Nieves, Tomas Nancarrow, Jessica MacKinnon
Vol 4 (2017) A meta-study on the feasibility of the implementation of new clean coal technologies to existing coal-fired power plants in an effort to decrease carbon emissions Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kenneth Davies, Abhishek Malik, Jimmy Li, Thiha Nanda Aung
Vol 2 (2015) Affects of the Cold Water Pipe Depth in Ocean Thermal Energy Converter Plants with respect to Power Generation Efficiency Abstract   PDF   HTML
Helia Danielle Giordani, Matheus Lages, Miguel Medina, Jade Tan-Holmes
Vol 2 (2015) An Analysis of the Effect of Molten Salt Thermal Storage on Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power Plant Efficiency Abstract   PDF   HTML
Christopher Hickin, Henry Li, Sharnan Kemp
Vol 4 (2017) An analysis of thermodynamic properties in both traditional and enhanced geothermal systems to compare thermal efficiencies Abstract   PDF   HTML
Samuel Peter Martin, Alexander Richmond Perry, Kirill Lushnikov
Vol 4 (2017) An investigation into the differing efficiencies of working fluids used in binary cycle power plants. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Alec Ian Perry-Cain
Vol 4 (2017) Analysis of Factors Affecting Thermodynamic Efficiency in Generation III+ PWR Nuclear Power Plants. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Marcus Vitlin, Miroshan Naicker, Augustine Frederick Gardner
Vol 2 (2015) Analysis of Industrial Syngas Production from Biomass Abstract   PDF   HTML
Minh Nguyen, Gabriella Duddy, Camila Karam
Vol 4 (2017) Analysis of Tokamak fusion device parameters affecting the efficiency of Tokamak operation Abstract   PDF   HTML
Nour El-Houda El-zmeter, Benjamin Schmiga, Brendan Boyd-Weetman, Alicia Murphy
Vol 1 (2014) Clean and Sustainable Fusion Energy for the Future Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jordan Adelerhof, Mani Bhushan Thoopal, Daniel Lee, Cameron Hardy
Vol 4 (2017) Comparison of Fuel Yield of Biomaterials Between Fast Pyrolysis and Gasification Abstract   PDF   HTML
Matthew Charles Stokes Hughes, Lachlan Mcfall, Matthew christiansen, Nicholas Zepernick
Vol 1 (2014) Copyright note for this edition - CC BY 4.0 Abstract
. .
Vol 1 (2014) Determining the best approach to commercial fusion power Abstract   PDF   HTML
Karl Zuvela, Isabella Adlington, Syed Salim Aljunied, Jackson Edwards
Vol 1 (2014) Editorial Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jurgen Schulte
Vol 2 (2015) Editorial Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jurgen Schulte
Vol 3 (2016) Editorial Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jurgen Schulte
Vol 4 (2017) Editorial Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jurgen Schulte
Vol 4 (2017) Efficiency comparison of horizontal axis wind turbines and bladeless turbines Abstract   PDF   HTML
Antranig Tony Bardakjian, Paul Pavlos Mandadakis, Amy Tingle
Vol 1 (2014) Efficiency Comparisons of Secondary Biofuels Abstract   PDF   HTML
Connor Day, Yin-Chen Tseng, Reuben Puyol, Jessica Nissan
Vol 3 (2016) Efficiency of 2D Photonic Crystal Emitters in Thermophotovoltaic Systems Abstract   PDF   HTML
Mitchell Jones, Lee Burdett, Matthew Ryan, Tomas Walsh
Vol 4 (2017) Entropic Performance of Proton-Exchange Membrane through Current Density, Temperature, Pressure, Membrane Thickness and Humidity Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jonathan Dib, Sotaro Takei, Cheng Jeffrey Kwing Shing, Sean Williams
Vol 3 (2016) Environmental Effect on Wind Farm Efficiency and Power Production Abstract   PDF   HTML
Bennett Haskew, Liam Minogue, Reece Woodley, Adithep Phaktham, Shashikala Randunu
Vol 4 (2017) Factors Influencing the Thermodynamic Efficiency of Stirling Engines Abstract   PDF   HTML
Hayden Ferral-Smith, Georgia Giannakakis, Joshua Wilson, Joshua Taylor
Vol 2 (2015) Fusion-From Stars to Power Sockets Abstract   PDF   HTML
Carla Fleisher-Petersen, Shane Keen, Liam Martin, Blake Regan
Vol 2 (2015) Geothermal Power: Factors affecting the performance of Binary Plants Abstract   PDF   HTML
Izabela Domanski, Matthew Cappadona, Oliver Fuller, Zeb Krix
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