Impact of Nanofluids and Specific Frequency Absorbers in Parabolic Trough Collector Solar Furnaces

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Genevieve Geehan
Ritika Ritika
Coen Winchester


This meta-study aims to identify methods of optimising the efficiency of upcoming parabolic trough collector (PTC) solar furnace technology by analysing thermodynamic properties of both solar absorbers: SiC, Pyromark 2500, Polychromic Al-AlN and C54-TiSi2 nanoparticles; and heat transfer nanofluids: SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3, Cu and Al2O3-Cu with a 50:50 ratio. The thermodynamic properties investigated are energy absorbance and emittance, melting point, thermal conductivity and viscosity. Our study revealed that the optimal transfer fluid is the hybrid nanofluid Al2O3-Cu with a 50:50 ratio and a 1-2% volume fraction in an ethylene glycol base. The optimal solar absorber for use in combination with this nanofluid was found to be polychromic Al-AlN cerment absorber.


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