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UTS ePRESS Student Journals contain highly selective examples of outstanding UTS student work.

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NEW: Emerging scholars in Australian Indigenous Studies

NEW: Emerging Scholars in Australian Indigenous Studies was initiated by Philip Morrissey from the University of Melbourne and Heidi Norman from the University of Technology Sydney in 2015. The journal provides a platform for publishing undergraduate scholarship in Indigenous studies and attracts high quality student work.


Cover image Vol. 4, No. 1 (2018): 2018 Sydney Festival installation, 4000 Fish, Emily McDaniel. Photographer: Jamie Williams.

PAM Review Energy Science & Technology

A student peer reviewed journal concerned with innovative analysis and assessment of advances in science and technology. Themed issues focus on Energy Science & Technology, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Life Science and Mathematics. Publications in PAM Review are expected to contribute new knowledge to respective disciplines. As such, the Journal provides students an authentic learning experience as researcher and author in a professional environment.

This journal does not charge any type of article processing charge (APC) or any type of article submission charge. 

Established 2014

2014 Journal cover image courtesy US Department Of Energy.

2015 Journal cover image courtesy Wikimedia Commons - CC BY SA 3.0

2016 Journal cover image courtesy Asgeir Eggertsson at Wikimedia Commons - CC BY SA 3.0

2017 Journal cover image courtesy Leaflet - CC BY-SA 3.0

2018 Journal cover image courtesy H. Zell - Wikimedia Commons - CC BY-SA 3.0

2019 Journal cover image credit: Gorodenkoff: Astronaut in the Space Suit Works on Laptop, Adjusting Rover For Mars further Mars Exploration. Space Exploration Concept. First Manned Mission on Red Planet. (Stock image)

2020 Journal cover image credit: Thermoacoustic energy converter. Courtesy SoundEnergy B.V., Enschede, The Netherlands.

Ideas in History

This journal is no longer accepting submissions. It ceased publication in 2012.

Ideas in History is an e-press journal that publishes outstanding student papers produced as part of the Communication subject "Ideas in History". Students have an open choice as to the topic of their paper within the broad range of modernism, postmodernism and traditional ideas provided by the lecture topics. Papers in the online journal take as their starting point an installation, site or space in Sydney and they are advised by their tutors on whether their proposed article suits the range of topics published by this journal.