How We Work Together To Publish Your Work

What we do

What you do

Accept high quality scholarly manuscripts across a wide range of academic disciplines.

Submit a proposal to UTS ePRESS

Publish high quality open access digital books in standard formats. Print-on-Demand options may also be available.*

Choose UTS ePRESS to achieve extended reach and impact for your work: See here and here for the benefits of open access.

Permit authors to retain a copyright licence over their work by choosing a Creative Commons License, ranging from making your work openly accessible (CC-BY) to more controlled (CC-BY-NC-ND) remembering that all the licenses require a user to acknowledge you as the creator of the work.

Choose the Creative Commons license that best suits you and your work. 

Ensure high quality assessment of our books via peer review undertaken by external disciplinary experts.

Respond to peer review comments by revising your work accordingly or providing an explanation where you believe suggested changes are not required.

Provide design and editorial advice about the work.

Provide clear advice in your submission about any special or important design, style and layout considerations for your work. Seek our advice to improve or develop these further.

Provide certain legal advice about the work, eg where copyright clearance is required.

Ensure you have secured permission to use copyright works (other people’s work such as photos, illustrations, webpages, etc). Seek our advice if you have concerns about this.

Design a production timeline for your work according to our mutual strategic aims.

Ensure you complete and submit your work according to the production timeline.

Publish a high quality book according to the agreed production schedule. Unless otherwise agreed, UTS ePRESS takes no responsibility for book launch or associated event deadlines.

Ensure you include all critical requirements in the agreed production schedule and submit all work according to agreed deadlines.

*Royalty payments on any print sales are by agreement, and contingent on achieving cost recovery.