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Page-Reeves, Janet, University of New Mexico
Pain, Rachel
Pajaro, Marivic, Aurora Marine Research and Development Institute
Palmer, Victoria J., University of Melbourne
Pancer, S. Mark, Wilfrid Laurier University
Parkes, Margot W., University of Northern British Columbia
Pauly, Bernadette, University of Victoria
Peek, Lori, Colorado State University
Pendley, Joy, University of Oklahoma
Perkin, Kathleen, University of Victoria
Peters, Ray DeV., Queen's University
Phipps, David, York University
Pope, Rod, Director, Centre for Inland Health
Porter, Christine M., University of Wyoming
Pratt, Jonathan, Step Ahead Research Ltd
Prentice, Tracey, University of Victoria
Purvis, Rachel S, Office of Community Health and Research, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Northwest

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