Gateways Volume 12:3 (2019) – Knowledge for a transforming world: Abstracts due by 15 February

Dear Gateways Readers:

A gentle reminder - Gateways’ upcoming themed volume, Knowledge for a transforming world, is inviting Abstracts for its Call for Papers. Please send Abstracts directly to the Managing Editor,, by 15 February 2019. For further information on the CfP, see

Gateways’ latest volume, Vol 12:1 (2019) is also now available. See: This regular volume of unsolicited articles is our first to be published under an innovative ‘publish-as-you-go’ model, which means new articles will be added to it over the coming months, as soon as they are ready.

Finally, we are pleased to publish the first research article from our pilot 'Author+Editor' mentoring program for engaged scholars from historically underrepresented countries. See: 'Improving transition rates of students in informal settlements into higher education'