Decision-making processes in Sylhet City Corporation: who plays the dominant role?

Muhammad Mustofa Kamal
Anwara Begum
Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Hossienie


A rational decision-making process is essential for municipal governments, as it promotes progressive development and makes them more democratic and service-oriented. This study explores the decision-making process in Bangladesh’s Sylhet City Corporation (SCC). Both primary data via a survey of relevant respondents and secondary data were collected. The study found that, although both the mayor and councillors participate in making decisions at the SCC, it is the mayor who plays the dominant and vital role, exercising power by convincing councillors of his leadership qualities. For these reasons, the decision-making process of the SCC is not fully democratic. If councillors were able to play a greater role, the decisions of the SCC would be more collective.

Decision-making; urban local government; city corporation; mayor; councillor


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