The Greenway social housing estate: lessons in community development

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Chris Taylor
Jed Donoghue


Greenway is a self-contained estate for social housing tenants in the North Sydney local government area of Sydney, Australia. When Greenway opened in 1954 local newspapers reported on the modern, all electric units providing living opportunities for working people.  By 2007 social isolation and anti-social behaviour at Greenway were regularly reported by the local press.  The revitalisation of the Greenway estate occurred with the arrival of new residents who were keen to be actively involved in community development and stand for election to the Greenway Tenants Group (GTG).  North Sydney Council supports the GTG with grants and expertise when required and also conducts elections on behalf of the tenants group.

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Taylor, C., & Donoghue, J. (2017). The Greenway social housing estate: lessons in community development. Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, 157-163.
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