Service delivery: Focus on Dipaleseng local municipality: Mpumalanga

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S'bonisile Zama


The supply or lack of services impacts on people's quality of life, and so the Constitution of South Africa and other strategy documents emphasise the provision of services to all South African citizens irrespective of colour or creed. The services are vast and the responsibility for provision is divided between national, provincial and local authorities. This paper focuses on the delivery of services whose responsibility and accountability lies with the local municipalities, including: water; electricity; sanitation and refuse removal. The paper also explores the background to the recent unrest in the country with a focus on Dipaleseng Municipality, looking at its socio-economic situation, and challenges which include poverty, economic stability and provision of basic services. Sources of data include the South African media, journal articles, relevant documents, websites and databases.

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Zama, S. (2013). Service delivery: Focus on Dipaleseng local municipality: Mpumalanga. Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, (13-14), 185-197.
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