The Australian Year of Women in Local Government: 2010 and beyond

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Karen Purser
Helen Diggerson


2010 was the Australian Year of Women in Local Government. This paper provides some background information on the Year, an outline of the activities undertaken and some thoughts on how to take the agenda forward beyond 2010.

The most recent Equality and Human Rights Commission's (UK) report, Sex and Power 2008 Index was damning about the future prospects for women being equally represented in the UK Parliament. It looked at women in top positions of power and influence across the public and private sectors over the past five years, and suggests a worrying trend of reversal or stalled progress. Current data suggests the situation is not any better in Australia. Although half the population, women in local government account for only 30% of elected representatives and only 20% of senior managers in local government. Moreover, only seven percent of women are chief executive officers.

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Purser, K., & Diggerson, H. (1). The Australian Year of Women in Local Government: 2010 and beyond. Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, (7), 221-229.
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Karen Purser, Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government

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