Mutual capacity building: Mt Hagen local government and Orange City

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Stephen Sykes


Orange City Council and Mount Hagen Urban Local Level Government (MHULLG) in the Papua New Guinea Highlands have had a strong history of working in partnership to build capacity. This is based on a Sister City relationship extending to 30 years founded on the acceptance that to build better communities more than just physical infrastructure is needed. The Australian Government AusAID organisation funded the capacity building program, supported by the Commonwealth Local Government Forum who provide back-end administration and acts as a broker in drawing together a number of partnership agreements and AusAID funding applications in addition to information exchange. Council’s work has been recognised and supported nationally in PNG and by AusAID, and there has been a tight focus on assisting the 60,000 people that live in and around the township of Mt Hagen. So far, Council has worked on numerous issues including waste management, sanitation, traffic and pedestrian plans and governance.

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Sykes, S. (1). Mutual capacity building: Mt Hagen local government and Orange City. Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, (7), 213-220.
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Stephen Sykes, Orange City Council

Director of Enterprise Services, Orange City Council