Power Amplifiers for Next Generation Wireless Platforms

Kevin Tom


Class-E amplifier has the potential to
deliver high efficiency required for the next
generation wireless systems. In this journal, we
discuss a novel load pull analysis technique to
characterize the efficiency performance of Class-E
amplifier in an outphasing power combining
scheme. Class-E amplifier is not an ideal current
or voltage source as is required for the traditional
analysis of outphasing structures. It requires a
phase modulated input signal and has a non-linear
transfer characteristic which is a function of load
impedance. Here we define an operating load
locus based on the load pull analysis which can be
used to predict the non-linear transfer function,
efficiency, output power, input drive phase and
many other factors associated with the outphasing
class-E amplifier. This scheme could also be used
to characterize any amplifier class in an
outphasing structure. Finally modulation
performance of Class-E amplifier using PWM
technique is also presented.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5130/ajict.v3i3.619

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