Secure Mobile IP with HIP Style Handshaking and Readdressing for public-key based IP network

Yick Hon Joseph So
Jidong Wang
Deddy Chandra


Mobile IP allows a mobile node to roam into a
foreign IP network without losing its connection with its
peer. Mobile IPv6 uses Route Optimization to improve the routing performance by avoiding the triangle routing problem and adopting Return Routability as a secure process for binding update. Host Identity Protocol (HIP) is an experimental security protocol which provides mobility management and multi-homing with new namespace. HIP has a similar architecture to the Mobile IP with Route Optimization. In this paper, we introduce a Secure Mobile IP with HIP Style Handshaking and Readdressing (SMIP), which provides stronger security, better performance and
lower binding cost than Mobile IPv6 does in binding update process. The dependency of the home agent in the new scheme is dramatically decreased. The initiated scheme integrates the primary features of two completely different mobility management solutions and sets up a migration path from mobile-IP based solution to a public-key based solution in mobile IP networks.

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