A Chain Oriented Data Collection Protocol for Energy-Aware and Delay-Constrained WSN

Nahdia Tabassum
Quazi Ehsanul Kabir Mamun
Ahsanul A K M Haque
Yoshiyori Urano


Energy awareness plays an important role in
developing routing protocol for the battery powered wireless sensor networks. As the replacement of the battery is often unfeasible in practical situations, we present here an optimal solution for the maximum utilization of precious available energy at the same time trying to minimize the latency in data delivery. We propose to form hierarchical chains with deployed sensors to collect information from a
target field where data get fused at every node level before transmitted finally. Our protocol utilizes the higher energy nodes for more frequent long distance transmissions so that the energy expenditure become even between all nodes in the network irrespective of their physical locations. It has been found in our simulation that this protocol outperforms other hierarchical protocols like LEACH and PEGASIS in both the cases of energy consumption and time requirements respectively. It has been also found that the overall lifetime of the sensor network also increases in our protocol.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5130/ajict.v2i3.285

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