Generic Model and Architecture for Cooperating Objects in Sensor Network Environments

Pedro Jose Marron
Daniel Minder
Andreas Lachenmann
Olga Saukh
Kurt Rothermel


The complexity and heterogeneity of cooperating object applications in ubiquitous environments or of applications in the sensor network domain require the use of generic models and architectures. These architectures should provide support for the following three key issues: flexible installation, management and reconfiguration of components in the system; optimization strategies whose implementation usually involves the proper management of cross-layer information; and proper adaptation techniques that allow for the self-configuration of nodes and components in the system with minimal human intervention. In this paper, we present one possible instance of such a generic model and architecture and show its applicability using Sustainable Bridges, a sensor network application that requires the analysis of complex sensor data to achieve its goal of effectively monitoring bridges for the detection of structural defects.

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