Algorithm of Remote Monitoring ECG Using Mobile Phone: Conception and Implementation

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Rachid, Merzougui
Mohammed Feham


Researches in the medical remote monitoring at home have taken a great consideration and care in wireless
communication these last years.
The set of these researches is linked to the aging population and lack of infrastructures of reception for persons
exposed to accident’s risks in their daily life or degradation of their health in short time. The principal objective is
to permit a taking off for medical and social dependant people as aged ones, handicapped, in order to the
adaptation with their environment domestically and make up their incapacities. In this case, it is indispensable to
make a diagnostic in a real time and managed really the given data of patients between medical actors with the
permanent security insurance of highly risky patients.
Furthermore, the need to make a speed diagnostic of patients and to detect their health state with efficacy
permits the gain of time in their taking off.
The stakes of setting up such systems are numerous, so much for patients, medical staff and the society
generally. So, it is useful to detect and prevent the occurrence of critical situations of a person at home, implying
the transmission of message and alarms to actors concerned and ready to intervene in case of necessity.
Our attention has been focused on the choice of a relevant work. It concerns an application on a mobile terminal
(MIDlet) for monitoring patient in a non-hospital setting. This paper recalls a complete architecture of an
economic wireless transmission system with the implementation of an effective algorithm, adapted to the mobile
terminal, allowing to the doctor to have the results of analysis of ECG data wirelessly.

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BioInformatics and e-Technologies