Exploration of Game Consoles as a legitimate computing platform for in-the-field biomedical data acquisition and management

Christopher Armstrong
Diarmuid Kavanagh
Sara Lal
Peter Rossiter


Biomedical research increasingly requires for testings be conducted outside the lab, in the field such as the participant’s home or work environment. This type of research requires semi-autonomous computer systems that collect such data and send it back to the lab for processing and dissemination.
A key aspect of this type of research is the selection of the required software and hardware components. These systems need to be reliable, allow considerable customizability and be readily accessible but also able to be locked down.
In this paper we report a set of requirements for the hardware and software for such a system. We then utilise these requirements to evaluate the use of game consoles as a hardware platform in comparison to other hardware choices.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5130/ajict.v7i1.1287

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