Towards a Convergent Development of Learning Analytics

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Xavier Ochoa
Arnon Hershkovitz
Alyssa Wise
Simon Knight


In the last 7 years, since the first LAK conference, Learning Analytics has grown rapidly as a field from a small group of interested scholars and practitioners to one of the most scientifically successful and institutionally accepted areas of Learning and Educational Technologies. Learning Analytics is often referred as a "Middle-Space" where experts from diverse fields (from the Learning Sciences, Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, just to name a few) share their perspectives on how to better understand and optimize learning processes and environments using this new instrument called Data Science.

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Ochoa, X., Hershkovitz, A., Wise, A., & Knight, S. (2017). Towards a Convergent Development of Learning Analytics. Journal of Learning Analytics, 4(3), 1–6.