Conceptualising a Framework for Construction Sector Capacity

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An Thi Hoai Le
Niluka Domingo
Casimir MacGregor
Regan Potangaroa


Understanding construction sector capacity allows stakeholders to assess the ability to deliver construction projects critically. However, the capacity concept in the construction sector is dynamic, and interrelationships of capacity at different levels have not been explored thoroughly. Accordingly, this paper reviewed studies on capacity at different levels: sector, organisational, and individual to (1) identify attributes of capacity at each level; (2) map relationships of the capacities in the construction sector; and (3) develop a conceptual framework of project capacity in the construction sector and propose future research directions. This study used an integrative literature review approach to synthesise literature from various domains to describe different levels of the construction sector’s capacity. The findings of the literature review conceptualised a construction sector capacity framework at four levels: sector, organisational, individual, and project. The detailed descriptions of the relevant attributes at each level advance our understanding of capacity within the construction sector and are fundamental to developing capacity assessment tools for the construction sector. The relationships formed in the proposed framework help explain how the capacity at each level affects the system. Findings also serve to identify areas for future research, including investigating interrelationships of attributes in the capacity framework.

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Le, A. T. H., Domingo, N., MacGregor, C., & Potangaroa, R. (2022). Conceptualising a Framework for Construction Sector Capacity. Construction Economics and Building, 22(4).
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