The Mediating Role of Benefit Management for Sustaining the Performance of Infrastructure Projects

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Asadullah Khan
Muhammad Waris Ali Khan
Shahryar Sorooshian
Mehfooz Ullah
Faisal Rana


Benefit management is a valuable approach, promoted and supported by strategic management for maximizing organizational benefits. It has also been recognized as a means of improving project performance, though more research is needed to understand how it works. This research adds to the contemporary literature on public sector project management by studying the links between project governance, benefit management, and project performance from a developing country perspective. This study provides insights for project professionals who are working in government organizations for optimizing the benefits of investment. The study provides a reference to formulate strategies for managing and governing the performance of government-funded projects in developing countries like Pakistan. The research uses a positivist approach and quantitative design. The quantitative technique is employed to address all the aspects of the study. The structural equation modeling revealed that benefit management acted as a mediating factor in the relationship between project governance dimensions and public sector project performance. This study highlights the importance of incorporating a comprehensive benefit management approach to streamline the benefit management process by aligning projects with the organizational strategy for sustaining project performance. These findings stress the need for a comprehensive benefit management approach in improving the project performance of government-sponsored projects. The study attempts to improve the understanding of project professionals about the role and significance of benefit management, which will be helpful to get organizational support for the employees who are striving to improve the project performance in Pakistan.

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Khan , A., Ali Khan , M. W., Sorooshian, S., Ullah, M., & Rana, F. (2022). The Mediating Role of Benefit Management for Sustaining the Performance of Infrastructure Projects. Construction Economics and Building, 22(3).
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