A Management Maturity Model (MMM) for project-based organisational performance assessment

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Craig Langston
Amir Naser Ghanbaripour


Common sense suggests that organisations are more likely to deliver successful projects if they have systems in place that reflect a mature project environment based on a culture of continuous improvement. This paper develops and discusses a Management Maturity Model (MMM) to assess the maturity of project management organisations through a customisable, systematic, strategic and practical methodology inspired from the seminal work of Darwin, Deming, Drucker and Daniel. The model presented is relevant to organisations, such as construction and engineering companies, that prefer to use the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK™ Guide) published by the Project Management Institute (PMI), but without the disadvantages of excessive time and cost commitments and a ‘one size fits all’ approach linked to rigid increments of maturity. It offers a game-changing advance in the application of project-based organisational performance assessment compared to existing market solutions that are unnecessarily complex. The feasibility of MMM is field-tested using a medium-sized data centre infrastructure firm in Tehran.

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Langston, C., & Ghanbaripour, A. N. (2016). A Management Maturity Model (MMM) for project-based organisational performance assessment. Construction Economics and Building, 16(4), 68-85. https://doi.org/10.5130/AJCEB.v16i4.5028
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Craig Langston, Bond University

Professor, Faculty of Society & Design

Amir Naser Ghanbaripour, Iran University of Science & Technology

Lecturer, School of Railway Engineering