The Lived Experience of Online Educators: Insights from Construction Management

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Willy Sher
Anthony Williams
Maria Northcote


Academics in higher education institutions often experience the conflicting demands of teaching, research and administration. With the growth of online education these staff are frequently required to design, develop, teach, facilitate and, in some cases, administer online courses. Cumulatively these additional tasks challenge academics, not only in terms of the personal professional development but also in accommodating the range of tasks expected of them. This paper reports the findings of a study which investigated the lived experience of construction management academics teaching at universities in Australia. The study adopted a lived experience research approach that enabled the lives of construction management academics to be investigated through the collection of a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data. The study provides empirical evidence of a range of challenges facing those delivering online courses. Recommendations for online teachers and online course designers emerged from this study with application to both faculty-based and institution-wide practices. The findings are relevant to those in the higher education sector who are involved in online teaching, course design for online delivery and professional development related to online initiatives.

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Sher, W., Williams, A., & Northcote, M. (2015). The Lived Experience of Online Educators: Insights from Construction Management. Construction Economics and Building, 15(2), 49-62.
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