Cooperation in the Building Sector between Building Material Manufacturers and Contractors to Develop Products

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Jan Sundqvist
Bengt Larsson
Goran Lindahl


The Australian Construction Industry is nowfacing skills shortages in all trades. As anindustry focused on the skill of its workforce,there is now concern the Australian standard inquality, workmanship, and productivity will inhibitboth at national and international level.This research paper addresses the underlying,influential factors concerning skills shortages inthe Australian construction industry. Theinfluential factors addressed include funding,training statistics, employer expectations,financial limitations, Industrial Relations andimmigration. Given the reference to skillsshortages within the industry, and documented inrelated literature, if skills shortages are tocontinue to exist, their effect will impact upon theoverall performance of construction companiesthroughout Australia.

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Jan Sundqvist, University of Halmstad

Senior Lecturer