Property and Construction Professions: The Views of Industry Leaders

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Anthony Mills


The role of professionals has changed significantly, and sotoo should the role of professional societies. The future isvery unclear, and it is likely that professional societies willcontinue to change and adapt. But what is their role today;is it to provide leadership, serve their members, or promotetheir professions? These questions were put to a numberof construction industry leaders to seek their views. Thepresidents of three professional institutes and a governmentregulator for the construction industry were approachedand their opinions recorded. Each interviewee was chosenbecause of their leadership role within the property andconstruction industries. Using an informal exploratoryinterview approach each respondent discussed issuesfacing their professional society. The results show thatindemnity insurance, continuing professional development,and public recognition were key concerns.

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Mills, A. (2012). Property and Construction Professions: The Views of Industry Leaders. Construction Economics and Building, 3(2), 9-14.
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Anthony Mills, University of Melbourne

Senior Lecturer