Web-based Construction Information Management System

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David Scott
Michael Cheong
Heng Li


Centralised information systems that are accessible to all parties in a construction project are powerful tools in the quest to improve efficiency and to enhance the flow of information within the construction industry. This report points out the maturity of the necessary IT technology, the availability and the suitability of existing commercial products.Some of these products have been studied and analysed. An evaluation and selection process based on the functions offered in the products and their utility is presented. A survey of local construction personnel has been used to collect typical weighting data and performance criteria used in the evaluation process.

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Scott, D., Cheong, M., & Li, H. (2012). Web-based Construction Information Management System. Construction Economics and Building, 3(1), 43-52. https://doi.org/10.5130/AJCEB.v3i1.2910
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David Scott, Curtin University of Technology

Senior Lecturer