Outdoor Workers and Sun Protection: Knowledge and Behaviour

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Jane Cioffi
Lesley Wilkes
Jess O'Brien


Outdoor workers are at high risk of developing skin cancer. Primary prevention can potentiallyreduce the incidence of skin cancer in this group. This study aimed to determine theknowledge and sun protective behaviour of outdoor workers towards skin cancer. A shortquestionnaire was used to collect data from workers on construction sites during workinghours. Despite workers having knowledge of the risks of skin cancer their use of sun protectionwas less than satisfactory, particularly considering their cumulative exposure.Workplace health education programs for outdoor workers addressing sun protection areindicated, as is further research to increase understanding of issues workers have withsun protection in the workplace.

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Cioffi, J., Wilkes, L., & O’Brien, J. (2012). Outdoor Workers and Sun Protection: Knowledge and Behaviour. Construction Economics and Building, 2(2), 10-14. https://doi.org/10.5130/AJCEB.v2i2.2896
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