International Markets: Malaysian Construction Contractors and the Stage Theory

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Ahmed Awil
Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz


Reduced demand for services, lack of finances for projects and idle resources at homehave resulted in loss of business for Malaysian construction contractors. Among the optionsthat are explored in this paper is internationalisation of services to help the contractorsgainfully employ their resources and diversify their markets. Integration of worldmarkets, faster transportation and improved means of communication have made it possiblefor contractors to undertake work in international markets. It was found that contractorswere motivated to internationalise by need to make the firm a viable one byconsidering the long-term profitability. Reputation and size of the firm were found to befactors that help contractors in winning contracts overseas. Most non-exporters were concernedwith provision of market intelligence and export credit finance. It was found thatproviding relevant market information, accessible to both exporter and non-exporters, canhelp firms make informed decisions. Any assistance provided should match the firm to thestage the firm has reached in exporting

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Awil, A., & Abdul Aziz, A. R. (2012). International Markets: Malaysian Construction Contractors and the Stage Theory. Construction Economics and Building, 2(1), 94-106.
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