Modelling Client Satisfaction Levels: The Impact of Contractor Performance

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Robby Soetanto
David Proverbs


The performance of contractors is known to be a key determinant of client satisfaction.Here, using factor analysis, clients’ satisfaction is defined in several dimensions. Based onclients’ assessment of contractor performance, a number of satisfaction models developedusing the multiple regression (MR) technique are presented. The models identify arange of variables encompassing contractor performance, project performance and respondent(i.e. client) attributes as useful predictors of satisfaction levels. Contractor performanceattributes were found to be of utmost importance indicating that clientsatisfaction levels are mainly dependent on the performance of the contractor. Furthermore,findings suggest that subjectivity is to some extent prevalent in clients’ performanceassessment. The models demonstrate accurate and reliable predictive power as confirmedby validation tests. Contractors could use the models to help improve their performanceleading to more satisfied clients. This would also promote the development ofharmonious working relationships within the construction project coalition.

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Soetanto, R., & Proverbs, D. (2012). Modelling Client Satisfaction Levels: The Impact of Contractor Performance. Construction Economics and Building, 2(1), 13-27.
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